When to Travel to Cebu, Philippines

When to Travel to Cebu, Philippines

 This lead will give you an idea on which season in Cebu will be convenient for you and help you decide on when to stay so you can get the most out of your vacation.

Coming to Cebu in January

Come to Cebu on January and get a glimpse of its culture and heritage by celebrating one of the country’s most famous street dancing festivals – the Sinulog.

Photo by Chloe Evans on Unsplash

It is an entire-city celebration of the Sto. Niño where trained performers dance along the streets in colorful flamboyant costumes. The festival lasts for 9 days and the major event culminates on the 3rd Sunday of January.

Being a tropical country, the Philippines has only two seasons – the dry and rainy seasons.

Summer months in the Philippines

Enjoy the summer heat on March, April, or May when temperatures are usually the highest and the beaches packed with tourists.

The rainy season

Avoid the tourist rush and travel between June to December. Be aware though that these months comprise the rainy season and may hamper you from having a smooth relaxing vacation. Stay alert on weather updates and always be on the loop for any flight delays or reschedules.

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